Call for Action!

Istanbul is being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Due to the natural, cultural and socio-economic damages that are created by the implementation of urban projects in Istanbul, UNESCO is about to move the city into “The List of World Heritage in Danger”!

According to the draft decision document of the World Heritage Committee, if the authorities do not take precautions against the negative effects of urban projects such as transportation, urban transformation and physical renewals, UNESCO will first change Istanbul’s situation to the World Heritage in Danger and will completely dismiss the city from the World Heritage List in 2011. UNESCO will finalise its decision on July 25.

We, who are aware of the necessity of saying NO to the projects which are implemented without our will, which interfere our living spaces, which destroy our historical and natural heritage and generates social exclusion, are against the implementation of such projects.

Last 20 Days to Act and Say NO!

UNESCO proposes the suspension of the Halic Metro Bridge construction as an important condition for securing the city’s position in the World Heritage List. Thus, it is urgent to act against the construction of the bridge before it is too late, not only as the citizens of Istanbul but also as the citizens from all over the world! Have your say and sign your name in to save Istanbul!

8 responses to “Call for Action!

  1. İstanbul is still totally nostalgic!

  2. Hello you. I am living in Istabul as a guest student and within a university project the students are asked to inform themselves about specific places in Istanbul that are driven by an urban change. Often it is about gentrification with fundamental effects on the people that are living in this district. In my case I have to observe Haydarpaşa in Kadiköy that maybe play a more important role in culture than in living space. Do you know someone that could tell me a few words about the change there and the whole situation. Thank you. Michael (

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  5. does Istanbul need to be on the list of world heritage or does it need to solve its problems?
    Certainly the transformations undertaken in the areas of sülemaniye, Fener, Balat severely damage not just the urban fabrique but also destroy the livelyhoods of so many who depend on central living despite of their low incomes. The urban transformation taking place in such areas also contribute severly to the plans to remove Istanbul from the list of world heritage.. The metro bridge is therefore not the only project that should be looked at critically.. Did Unesco propose the halt of the metro bridge Project? What does Unesco really know about Istanbuls Problems i ask..
    How probable is that a project of several million that has been implemented by 80 percent is going to be cancelled? The integration of Yenikapi Station as a central transportation hub depends on the connection with the Metroline running northwards.. This connection is vital to achieve the reduction of private motorized transportation, the growth of which is used to rectify the construction of a third Boshporus bridge.
    surely it would have been better to plan the metrobridge over the golden horn in a different point maybe even to combine it with the Unkapani Bridge.. However, the Metro-expansion Taksim-Sishane has already been built and necessitates the bridge as a missing link to the also already finished tunnel leading to Yenikapi.
    So im asking what is our proposal? A tunnel under the golden horn is not possible since tunnels downward slope cannot surpass a certain degree. In order to facilitate the construction of a tunnel Taksim Metro station would need to be reconstructed in greater depth.. Is that a realistic proposal i wonder.. Shall we not concentrate on solving Istanbuls problems rather than pleasing an institution that sets skylines above peoples livelyhoods and ecological stability.

    • hello
      unesco does not oppose the idea of a bridge, but of a bridge with “horns” that dominate the view of suleymaniye from the golden horn
      as for the tunnel, they do not require that the historical peninsula is made unreachable, they only require a traffic masterplan that shows we know what the effects of this traffic load could be and have the tools to manage it without deteriorating more neighborhoods
      the odd thing is that, these are solutions to istanbuls problems that local authorities should have considered themselves. instead, they are being advised by unesco, to take care of their own city.

  6. We want the world to be a better place to live. Lets make the impossible possible. With the coorperation of many it will be possible. Safe our environment!

  7. The citizens from all over the world should make everything that Istanbul remained in the World Heritage List UNESCO.

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